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Invacare Colibri

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Invacare Colibri

Unbeatable performance, exceptional comfort and sleek style come together in the Invacare Colibri. This streamlined yet powerful 4-wheel mobility scooter accommodates weight up to 21.4 stone (136 kg) and is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Smoothly drive over pavements or footpaths at a top speed of 4 mph, and confidently browse the aisles of your local shop - the sharp turning radius allows you to navigate tight spaces with ease. Highly compact and portable, the Colibri compliments your lifestyle and opens up more travel opportunities than ever before.

It’s your choice!

Enjoy greater levels of convenience and flexibility with these optional upgrades:

  • Larger battery. The Colibri runs for an impressive distance of 9 miles. Need to travel further? Simply upgrade to the 2 x 18 amp battery for an even greater 13 mile range.
  • Bigger wheel set. Enjoy smooth and stable rides over gravel and other bumpy terrain.
  • ‘Easy fit’ suspension kit. Ensure optimum comfort with this handy addition.

Luxury benefits

  • Supreme comfort - height-adjustable, padded seat and width-adjustable armrests
  • LED display gives you all you need to know on the go
  • Front basket - safely store your shopping
  • Swivel seat and flip-up armrests - get on and off easily
  • Spacious legroom and adjustable tiller - find the driving position to suit you
  • Easy-to-use wraparound delta tiller - perfect for those with reduced grip strength
  • Personalise your scooter - choose from a colourful and stylish range of clip-on body panels and get ready to travel in style.
  • Hassle-free charging - simply leave scooter in the car and charge battery off-board

Invacare LiteLock

One minute is all you need to disassemble the Colibri - no tools necessary. Once you remove the battery box, the innovative Invacare LiteLock system is ready to go. Simply lift up the front section of the scooter and the remaining four sections will follow. Now it’s ready to be stored and transported in your car boot. Just as easy to reassemble again, the Colibri facilitates effortless travel wherever you need to go.

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Invacare Colibri

Invacare Colibri

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