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Sterling Sapphire 2

Sterling Sapphire 2
Sterling Sapphire 2
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Sterling Sapphire 2
Sterling Sapphire 2
Sterling Sapphire 2
Sterling Sapphire 2

Sunrise Medical Sapphire 2


The Sterling Sapphire 2 is an extremely lightweight yet robust mobility scooter by Sunrise Medical: a manufacturer renowned for providing exceptional performance at an affordable price. Wherever you need to go, the Sapphire 2 will get you there in first-class comfort and style.


With an impressive 19 mile travel range, the unmitigated power of this agile 4-wheeler exceeds its compact size. You can travel for up to 4 mph and enjoy a smooth and stable ride every time both indoors or outdoors. The low turning radius and streamlined design allows for effortless manoeuvrability in tight spaces - ideal for both narrow hallways and busy shopping malls.



Your comfort comes first


With wraparound handlebars and finger-thumb directional control, driving is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The ergonomic floor panel design also provides maximum legroom, allowing you to stretch out and relax without any discomfort. Additional powerful LED lights to the front and rear of the scooter ensures your safety, giving you all-important peace of mind.



Open up greater travel possibilities


Simply disassemble and store the Sapphire 2 in your car boot, and travel further than ever before!


  • Splits into four easy-to-manage separate parts - no tools necessary
  • Dual handles on batteries and rear drive unit allow safe and easy lifting and handling
  • No fiddly cables to worry about
  • Reassemble just as quickly and easily!



Luxury benefits


  • Wraparound delta tiller (D-shaped handlebars) - perfect for users with weaker grip
  • Swivel seat for easy entry and exit
  • Maximum legroom for ultimate comfort
  • Easy transportation and storage - no more difficulty making longer trips
  • Front basket - safely store your shopping and personal items
  • Stylish LED lights - stay safe and remain visible to pedestrians and motorists
  • Optional off-board charger - simply leave scooter in car and bring batteries inside to charge


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Sterling Sapphire 2

Sterling Sapphire 2

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