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Mobility Scooter Batteries

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We have available a vast selection of mobility scooter batteries to choose from.  Or it may be that you may need powerpack batteries for a wheelchair.  All options are covered.

We have access to batteries for all makes including Shoprider, Electric Mobility, TGA, Pride, and on… 

Mobility Scooter batteries range from 12v 7ah, 12v 12ah, 12v 35ah, 12v 50ah and right up to 12v 110ah. 

It is important that while looking for a suitable battery not to go for cheap alternatives and always go for a recognised make and supplier.  This is for safety and battery life. For any potential issues and returns it also makes sense to purchase a mobility scooter battery in the UK.

Which Mobility Scooter Battery To Choose? 

If you are not sure which size mobility scooter battery you require, the number should be written on the battery (look for a number followed by "ah") e.g 12v7ah. This denotes a 12 volt, 7 amp hour battery. It is advised that you also check physical dimensions to ensure your chosen battery will fit safely and securely.

Alternatively find your mobility scooter battery by searching  Spare Parts By Manufacturer.

If you cannot find the scooter battery you are looking for call our helpline free on 08000 96 12 96 - we are here to help and will be able to source any battery you require.

Please note mobility scooter batteries are not able to be zero rated when being replaced even when the scooter or wheelchair & the person involved is eligible for zero rated goods.  This is because the supply of the battery is not ancillary to the supply or service or repair of a qualifying product.

We also stock a large number of mobility scooter Battery Chargers suitable for most makes of  mobility scooters from 2amp hour upwards to 8amp hour.  All of these chargers are fitted with the round 3 pin unless requested otherwise.


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For more information on batteries and how to maintain them correctly download our free guide here: Battery Guides  & MK Battery Guide