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Pride Go-Go Elite Plus 4

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Pride Go Go Elite Plus 4


With an exceptional travel range of 15 miles and an impressive weight capacity of 23 stone (146 kg), the Pride Go-Go Elite Plus 4 sets itself apart from other 4-wheel mobility scooters, while remaining highly compact and portable. Wraparound delta tiller (D-shaped handlebars) allow for easy steering and are ideal for anyone with limited dexterity. Whether it’s a weekly shop, trip to the park, or visiting friends and family, more people now than ever can experience the joy of mobility with the Go-Go Elite Plus 4.


Exceptional comfort is provided by the padded seat and there’s ample room to stretch out your legs. You can also benefit from many exclusive features, including maximum storage space provided by baskets at the front and on the footboard, as well as optional crutch and cup holders for your convenience.


Luxury benefits

  • Travel for an increased range of 15 miles per battery charge
  • Wraparound delta tiller provides easy access to controls
  • Unique 9” rear wheels for added stability
  • Swivel seat and folding armrests for easy entry and exit
  • Adjustable steering tiller - find the driving position that suits you
  • 2 sets of stylish and interchangeable blue and red coloured body panels
  • Non-scuffing tyres - no need to worry about leaving any marks behind
  • Standard heavy duty battery (2 x 17 ah)
  • Hassle-free charging - you’re free to keep your scooter in the car and charge the battery off-board


Perfect for easy travelling


Need to bring your scooter along with you on holiday, or store it in the car boot in between use? With its innovative feather-touch disassembly mechanism, travelling with your mobility scooter has never been easier. You only need one hand to swiftly dismantle the Go-Go Elite Plus 4 into five separate and lightweight pieces. Its total weight of 39.2 kg (86.5 lbs.) means it can fit easily into standard-size car boots, as well as on boats, trains, and planes, making it the ideal scooter for holiday use. 

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Pride Go-Go Elite Plus 4

Pride Go-Go Elite Plus 4