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Puncture Sealant 1 litre

Puncture Sealant 1 litre

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Puncture Sealant 1 litre


Puncture Sealant 1 litre

Puncture sealant is a water soluble fluid with fibres held in suspension that plug holes caused by penetrating objects in the crown of the tyre such as thorns, drawing pins, nails and screws. It will not work on large holes or splits in inner tube.

It contains antifreeze protection for all year round use, and has no harmful effects on wheels, tyres or Inner Tubes.

NB Does NOT contain Latex.

1 bottle will suffice for 4 wheels  up to 6" rim, wheels 8" and 10" require 500ml per tyre

This product supplied by Flexel,  one of the largest suppliers in the UK for replacement mobility tyres and tubes.

See Additional information tab for instructions, also full instructions are on the bottle.

Additional Information

Product Info

Position Wheel so that valve stem is at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position. Deflate tyre and remove valve core from inner tube. Valve removal tool is not supplied with this product

Apply required quantity of sealant into inner tube using plastic tube provided. Refit valve and and inflate tyres to correct pressure.

Note the wheel must be rotating to disperse sealant correctly so if using after removing a foreign object (if a screw unscrew - do not pull out as this could enlarge hole)  spin the wheel fairly vigorously or drive scooter and recheck tyre pressures.

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