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Pneumatic & Solid Mobility Scooter Tyres

We supply both pneumatic and solid tyres for most makes and models of mobility scooters as well as wheels and inner tunes.

If you are in any doubt about the size of the tyre required, just check the side wall of the tyre where you will find the size number. See our guide below.

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Guide to tyres and sizes

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Guide to mobility scooter tyres and sizes

Tyres usually have the tyre size written on the sidewall of the tyre.

The number will say something like 260 x 85, 3.00 x 4 or 10 x 3. These numbers are all for the same size tyre and some or all may be shown.

Tyres size numbers explained

Example 1: 3.00 x 4, 260 x 85

In this example, 3.00 means that the tyre has a measurement of 3 inches across the width of the tyre and also the height of the sidewall in inches, the x 4 means that the rim diameter has a measurement of 4 inches, the 260 x 85 is the same tyre diameter and tyre width in mm, the tyre may also be referenced as 10 x 3 which again is the overall diameter and width of the tyre in inches.

Example 2: 4.10/3.50-4

Here we have a tyre that has a tread width of 4.1 inches and a sidewall of 3.5 inches to fit a 4 inch rim.

Example 3: 330x100 (400-5)

This means that the tyre has a tread width of 4 inches and a sidewall of 4 inches that is fitted on a 5inch Rim, the 330 x 100 is the overall diameter of the tyre and the 100 is the sidewall height and width of the tyre in mm.

Tyre Patterns

Then we have a varying choice of tread patterns, these may be identified as universal, rib, block and also various specialist patterns, for mobility scooter rib tyres are normally fitted to the front of the scooter to assist with manoeuvrability and block fitted to the rear.

For solid tyres that fit to a two-piece rim, the internal rim width of the hub may be required for correct fitting.

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